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Our Staff

Mike Papacek

Stranded In A Fishing House In The Middle Of Lake Michigan Beverage?  Bootstrap Brewing Company's "Insane Rush IPA"

I'm from Wisconsin, what else would I drink? Life has come full-circle from my childhood days working in my father's liquor store bagging ice for two dimes and a nickel. I was days from retiring at UC-Boulder when I got a call from best friend Paul asking me if I could help set up a store he was considering opening.  That was in 2005 and I have yet to call it a career. Why? The people. The staff here are an incredible mix of eclectic and talented lovers of liquor. We all believe in what we're doing to be the best. Most importantly are our customers. They come here in a good mood - maybe it's the end of the workday or they are celebrating a special event in their lives. This is just a fun place to work.