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Anvil Distillery Swindler's Light Whiskey

Anvil Distillery Swindler's Light Whiskey

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Swindlers Hand Crafted Colorado Light Whiskey is a carefully created grain to glass Light Whiskey stored in used Oak Caribbean Rum Barrels to compliment its smooth, sweet corn flavor. The grain bill is very close to a Bourbon but the spirit is distilled a little higher proof than a regular whiskey, to remove the bite found in some lower proof distilled whiskeys. Being aged in a used barrel for a year it has a light color, hence the light whiskey catagory. But don't let that fool you the original barrels flavors to come through and puts its flavor profile more akin to a scotch than an American Whiskey. Each batch of Swindlers Light Whiskey is bottled on a per barrel basis, so each batch tastes slightly different. If your in to a Whiskey with less of a harsh kick thats closer to Scotch in color and profile then this might be the one to try.
Category Whiskey
Region United States, Colorado
Brand Anvil Distillery
Alcohol/vol 40%

All sizes are 750mL unless otherwise noted.

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