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Germain-Robin Select Barrel XO

Germain-Robin Select Barrel XO


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Germain-Robin brandies have no alcoholic roughness. Due to their origin in premium table-wine grape varietals, Germain-Robin brandies are unusually aromatic and flavorful, with no hint of harsh alcohol. It is interesting to compare any of them to a glass of cognac. Note the absence of the usual slight burning sensation in the nostrils ("attack"). Almost all brown spirits add about 2% (or more) of sugar and caramel: these coat the sugar receptors on the front of your tongue, giving a false impression of smoothness which disappears when you swallow: the back part of your mouth and the top of your throat have no sugar receptors, so harshness, or "bite", is immediately apparent. Germain-Robin has no "bite" naturally: from the high quality of the grapes we use. Good wines are complex. So are brandies made from good wine grapes. The characteristics of the individual grape varietal are concentrated by distillation: brandy distilled from sauvignon blanc is very different from brandy distilled from semillon. The rich variance of flavors and aromas among our varietal brandies allows us to assemble blends that are remarkably complex yet stay unusually balanced. Notice how many areas of your mouth get flavor when you taste. World-class grapes give us rich flavor, yet the brandy remains subtle and delicate. The flavors are purer, cleaner and more genuine - no need for the oak flavoring, sugar, and caramel that European producers add to make up for their more neutral grapes, their harsher alcohols, and their use of huge aging tuns.
Category Armagnac
Region United States
Brand Germain-Robin
Alcohol/vol 40%

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