PJ's Wine and Spirits
PJ's is a hand-select, hand-sell store with great prices!!!


Paul Baryames

You Can Buy Wine, Liquor & Beer Anywhere, But Did You Truly Enjoy The Experience. 

When I decided to open PJ’s, I reflected on trips as a kid to Zimmerman’s Liquor in Chicago with my father. We’d stop there on our way back to Michigan after visiting family. I was fascinated that a clerk would follow us around the store and load our items as we pointed them out and then walk us out to our car. That was the era of “yes, sir – yes, ma’am” and I wanted to bring that experience to Longmont.

Today it’s all about our customers just as it was when I was a kid. We share so much together and if I don’t see some of our regulars for a period of time, I start to miss them. I invite you to come to our store, get to know our staff, enjoy the experience and take home something new to try. Come back and tell me how much you loved your purchase.

Mike Papacek

Stranded In A Fishing House In The Middle Of Lake Michigan Beverage?  Bootstrap Brewing Company's "Insane Rush IPA"

I'm from Wisconsin, what else would I drink? Life has come full-circle from my childhood days working in my father's liquor store bagging ice for two dimes and a nickel. I was days from retiring at UC-Boulder when I got a call from best friend Paul asking me if I could help set up a store he was considering opening.  That was in 2005 and I have yet to call it a career. Why? The people. The staff here are an incredible mix of eclectic and talented lovers of liquor. We all believe in what we're doing to be the best. Most importantly are our customers. They come here in a good mood - maybe it's the end of the workday or they are celebrating a special event in their lives. This is just a fun place to work.


So, I’m Standing There Reading The Newspaper, The Next Thing I Know I’m Working At PJ’s!

The summer of 2006 I just happened to be reading the paper and saw a Help Wanted ad and the rest is history. Having several years under my belt at another store, I came to PJ’s with a vault of wine knowledge that I tapped from my mentor, Bill Hamilton. The more I learned - the more I enjoyed wine. Spirits is another area of the store that I really enjoy sharing with our customers. I just like working with people and Paul has created an atmosphere that really puts our customers first. Paul told me once “You’re not a clerk in a liquor store. You’re a functioning part of the store.” He makes it easy to have a lot of pride in what I do.

Linda Carter

After All These Years - Paul Still Hasn’t Kicked Me Out!

I may not be a drinker of adult beverages, but I love my family, baking and everything PJ’s. Having spent my entire career in the service of others, working at PJ’s has been a natural fit. The staff and customers are like family, except I don’t have to feed them. I make every effort to help our customers find what they're looking for whereas other stores you’re left to find things on your own. We go out of our way to make visiting PJ’s an experience worthy of telling others. 

Christopher Corcoran

An Artist, A Gardener, and A Waiter Walk Into a Liquor Store...

I was working as a waiter at a local restaurant when I first visited PJ's. One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a waiter was being asked for a wine pairing recommendation. Wine is an overwhelming category and since joining PJ's in 2009, I've received a serious education that I pass on to my customers each and every day. Having been an artist all of my life, I am passionate about finding customers the perfect bottle for the occasion...just like choosing the colors for my paintings. At PJ's, customer loyalty is a reflection of our friendliness, our knowledge, and our customers trust us because of our solid recommendations.